Jimmy Page

Jimmy with Fender Telecaster,
a present from Jeff Beck

Led Zeppelin.
From left to right: John Boham, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant.

Gibson Les Paul '58: Jimmy's most uesed guitar.
The original Gibson tuning keys have been replaced by gold-plated Grovers.
The many adjustments to the neck is missing the serial number.

Martin D28 (acoustic): Widely used in the studio and on tour after 1970

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Vox 12-String

Danelectro ('59 DC body): Made of two Danelectros and with a Badass bridge

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Rickenbacker 12-String

Gibson SG

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Hiwatt 50:
Classic Hiwatt custom design, with Partridge transformators.

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Two channel preamplifier with high and low sensitivity inputs. 50 watt output. Normal volume, Brilliance Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence and Master volume controls. 2 x EL34s in the Power stage, with 4 x ECC83s, or alternative 3 x ECC83 and 1 x ECC81 (provides a solid sound). Switchable 4, 8, & 16 ohm output impedance.

Dunlop Crybaby Wha-Wha


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MXR Phase 90

Eventide H949 Harmonizer

Jimmy anno 2013


James Patrick Page was born on January 9, 1944 in Heston, Middlesex, England.

When Jimmy was eight years the family Page moved to Epsom, surrey where his father a job as personnel manager had received. Til his twelfth proceeded as normal childhood of almost every child. But then something happened that would change his life forever. On the radio he heard Elvis Presley with the song "Baby, let's play house". From his pocket money and a bonus be stopped by his mother, he bought a second hand Spanish guitar and after a few lessons he could play pretty well. His parents encouraged his obsession with music.

Jimmy was now 15 years old and during a dance party in the local community center, where he occasionally already gived performance, was also present Neil Christian. Neil had his own band, "The Crusaders". Neil asked him if he was interested to come play in his band and that would like to Jimmy. After approval of his parents Jimmy toured two years with the band, but forced by a glandular condition, he had to quit. Jimmy went to study modern art at the College of Sutton.

He was still more concerned with the music and often went to jam sessions where he met Jeff Beck regularly. Jimmy had already played in several bands such as; The Cyril Dacies All Stars, Carter Lewis and the Southerners and became one of the most popular session musicians in London. He played with artists such as, Burt Bacharach, PJ Proby, The Who, The Kinks, Herman's Hermits, Donovan, Brenda Lee and Lulu.

In 1965, Jimmy take recording his first single, "She Just satisfies", with on the B-Side "Moving on'. At that time Jimmy was also met Eric Clapton regularly to recording some tracks. Jimmy was as tired of all this work session and took the decision to play with The Yardbirds, to take on the place of Paul Samwell-Smith as bass player. But soon the roles were distributed differently in the band, Chris Dreja traded with Jimmy the bass, but this conversion was short-lived.

From left to right: Chris Dreja, Jimmy Page, Keith Relf, Jeff Beck and Jim McCarty.

At the end of 1966, Jeff Beck put out the band because the rest does not cooperate with him. With The Yardbirds it was not well received and in early 1968 the band dissolved. To make the existing contracts done Jimmy had to forming quickly another band. Terry Reid was his first choice as lead singer, but Terry was still under contract. Terry introduced him to Robert Plant who followed a traing for teacher and played in a school band named "Hobbstweedle".

Robert saw the idea and had been a drummer in mind already, John Boham. John Paul Jones notified on as bassist and Jimmy agreed. After three weeks intensive rehearsals the band was ready for work off the outstanding contracts in Sweden. From 1969 the name changed to Led Zeppelin. In that year their first album released, 'Led Zeppelin'. The subsequent albums "Led Zeppelin II, III and IV" are all platinum. In 1975, the band's most successful band to date. The subsequent albums reach platinum status.

On September 25, 1980 is drummer John 'Bonzo' Bonham found dead in his bed. He suffocated in his own vomit after drinking a whole day. The remaining members decided that they do not want to continue without Bonham. In December 1980 Led Zeppelin is officially repealed.


Gibson J-200 (acoustic):
Uses include on the album Led Zeppelin I.
By Jim Sullivan to Jimmy lent.

Fender 10-String 800 Pedal Steel:
Be heard on the albums Led Zeppelin and Led Zeppelin III.

Harmony Sovereign (acoustic): Include be heard on the album Led Zeppelin III and during the tour of 1970.

Gibson SG doubleneck: Twelve/six string doubleneck guitar, both with two humbucker elements. Jimmy played here at the live performances of Stairway to Heaven, Tangerine and The Rain Song. Serienumber 911117.

Fender Stratocaster (Lake Placid Blue) 1960

Gibson RD Artist

Fender Stratocaster 1966

Marshall 1959SLP 100 with two channel preamp and 100 watt amp output. In combination with a cabinet 412 one of the most popular and used in the '60s, '70s and '80s.

Jimmy also made use of a Theremin. A device that falls more under a synthesizer than guitar effects unit. A description of this instrument can be found at Effect Equipment on this site. In the songs "Whole Lotta Love" and "No Quarter" is good to hear this instrument.

Jimmy with the Theremin.

The rumors of a reunion buzzed for years, a often recurring scenario sees John Bonham's son Jason take the place of his father at the drums. But after nearly twenty years it is still to come. On December 10, 2007 was in the sold out O2-Arena in London the first reunion concert.

Reunion concert 10-11-'07: John Paul Jones, Jason Bonham, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant