The history and origin of the guitar. Also extensive information about the contemporary effect equipment like noise gates, Flanger, Phaser and compressors, guitar synthesizers etc. you will find here with demo.

The big names in the world of luthiers are of course Leo Fender, Orville Gibson, Doc Kauffman and Les Paul. But of course there were and there still are many more.

During the mid fifties electric guitars made their advance in popular music, and at present day it is hardly possible to think of modern music without them.
For over more than sixty year the Telecasters, Stratocasters and the Les Pauls are a notion in this field.

In pop/rock and heavy metal music in particular, the electric guitar has become the leading instrument. On this site you will therefore find the most popular guitars, used in these styles of music.

You will also find information about guitar serial numbers and year of manufacture of the most major brands: Fender, Gibson, Guild, Epiphone, Yamaha, Gretsch, Ibanez, Rickenbacker, Martin, Squier, Taylor, Jackson, PRS, ESP, ESP and Höfner.
The serial number decoders show the year of manufacture and production location of the guitar.

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