Several guitars from Fender extensive range throughout the years. For guitars with you can listen to a demo.

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GuitarInsite don't buy or sells guitars.

Serial numbers
Of the old Fenders is the year of the guitar construction written on the heel of the neck and will be visible when you remove the neck from the body.
If the date is illegible, it may also be written on the body under the pickguard or cavity from the elements.

Fenders from before 1955, you can not use the serial numbers to the exact determined the year of manufacture. The first Telecasters and Stratocasters appear to have separate numbering.
In the case of Telecasters prevent a '52er has a higher number than a '53er. The serial numbers after 1955 have a logical order.

The serial numbers can give a rough indication of the year of manufacture.
A L followed by a number indicates a guitar from the beginning of the sixties, while the large Fender F logo implies that the guitar is made ??after takeover by CBS, so from mid to late sixties.

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